Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#72) Big Decision

Not everyone really wants to slim down,  they do not want to change those habits and the behaviors that have given them what they "got."  Take any habit or addiction, does the smoker want to quit?  He knows that smoking stinks, it is expensive, it repulses people and it causes cancer and disease.  You cannot dispute those facts, yet the smoker continues to smoke with excuses and denials and anger-a leave me alone and let me do what I want to do philosophy. 

My focus is not on the person who does not want to slim down and change their life.  You cannot convince anyone to do anything they do not want to do.  It just ain't gonna happen, talk and yell all you want and you will change no-one.  The only time change is going to happen is when that person makes that decision that what they want to do is change their status quo.  They have to make that monumental decision that what they want to do is change their mind, to look into a different direction and to let go the bad habits that has given them what they "got," that they have decided they no longer want.

Losing weight and slimming down is an inside job.  When people come in to me and sit down for a short consultation about their condition, it really has more to do with them making that decision then with me doing it to them.  It takes both of us working together to get the job done but I need the client on board, with commitment, desire and determination.  The must make that decision that they want to change, and in order to make change you have to do something different.  You cannot continue doing into the future, what you have done in the past and expect to get a different result.

30/10 is about gently changing it up, creating new and improved habits for a better future.  We take an integrative approach to weight loss and weight gain, understanding that 50% of weight loss and weight gain is diet related and the other 50% is mental emotional habit and behavior.  You can change and transform, it is a better place to be, I can guarantee you that.  A much better future awaits you, you will age regress a decade in how you look and feel.  Call me and take a tour of our new facility and talk to my excited and dedicated staff, we are committed  to helping  people who are ready and willing to change their mind.  Until next time, Dr. Mark Doyle.

Monday, March 31, 2014

#71) Saddle Up that Bucking Bronco!

Is a habit any different then an addiction?  Great question!  I will suggest that an addiction can be characterized as a behavior that eventually creates negative consequences in your life and despite these obvious negative effects, we continue to do the behavior anyway.   It may give short term pleasure/mood change but eventual negative outcomes are the end result.

A habit is just a behavior we repeat, we get some benefit but no negative consequence from the habit.

The addicted person is typically unable to control or discontinue the addictive behavior, they may make strong promises to themselves and to others but they have not the ability to control or stop the addictive behavior.  The behavior/mood changer/drug/food/whatever, controls them.

The addict finds himself either out of control or trying to control his behavior.  He will deny and create excuses.  Early on  in the addiction you are really lovin it, the addiction becomes his love affair as other areas of his life degenerate.  As life stresses mount, these stressors become a trigger for more of this addictive behavior and a downward spiral of negative events unfold as he finds areas of his life falling apart, creating more stress and more addictive behavior.

The addict becomes overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, hopeless, helpless, out of control, trapped.

Some people have a predisposition to addiction or what is called addictive disease and they can become addicted to pretty much anything.  Exercise, food, drugs, sex, gambling, stealing, really just about anything they can become addicted to and remember an addiction results in eventual negative outcomes.

I know what you are thinking, "Dr. Doyle is there a drug I can take or a surgery I  can undergo, that can remove my addiction?  What can be done to me to change how I think and feel and behave?"

Great question but the only cure is, and I know you will not like this answer, but the only cure is for the addicted person to admit he is addicted and then to make that decision, that what he wants to do, is to change his mind.  So damn simple yet so complicated isn't it?  An addictive act, what ever it may be, is essentially the end result of a string of negative thoughts and feelings and behaviors that lead to the expression of that addictive act.  The essence of the addiction is the overwhelming feeling or feelings of helplessness, hopelessness,  those trapped feelings that compel the vulnerable to anger and a compelling need to change the mood.   The key is to become introspective with a strong desire to change, to listen to how and what you feel, to discern that "key" moment in what you think and feel that gives you passage into that addictive act.  Find the "key,"  get to know it and understand and let it go.  Replace it with something better and move on, change your mind, improve your life.  You have control of your mind if you want , tame it, train it, like you would a wild horse.  Until next time, Dr. Mark Doyle.

Friday, March 28, 2014

#70) Big Belly Gone!!

A 55 year old gentleman completed his 12 week (84 day) slim down program today, he looked amazing.  His body had been transformed from his original start date, his once big belly has melted, jowls gone and his face defined, he looked as if he had age regressed well over a decade and reported with enthusiasm that he felt like he did when in his 30's.  He  had lost 60 pounds in 12 weeks!  I sat down with him after his weigh-in to introduce him to the 30/10 eating style for his future.

The 30/10 eating style is not based upon deprivation, everyone is excited and enthused to be able to eat old fashioned comfort foods that are healthy and provide for a fast and efficient metabolism and prevent weight gain.  He will be letting go the junk that made him fat and sick and he will replace the garbage with much more satisfying  nutrition based foods that will keep his appetite under control and his blood sugar balanced.

He is now a success client within the 30/10 weight loss for life program and he will return or call in for accountability weigh-ins once every 3 to 4 weeks for the rest of his life-at no charge.  Any future weight gain he may experience we will then catch early on , around 3 to 5 pounds and then we will coach him on how to fix that gain, on his own, with regular food.  He will then report back for a follow-up  weigh-in in one week,  to make certain that gain is gone.  The accountability weigh-ins change, over time, habits and behaviors, providing certainty for weight loss for life.

There is no better program available for folks who want to slim down easily and effectively and who desire to achieve weight loss for life.  If there is a better, more efficient program in any way, please call me and tell  me about it.  I will want to know.   Until next time, Dr. Mark Doyle.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

#69) New 30/10 Bellevue Location!!

30/10 Weight Loss For Life in Bellevue has moved to Uptown Bellevue.  Our original clinic location in downtown Bellevue is due soon for demolition and we made our relocation move over this weekend into our new facility. We are now located a mile east of downtown Bellevue, in the direction of Whole foods and the Mercedes dealership, within the complex of Total Wine and Uwajimaya.  Our extra square footage and additional parking came to us at a great time as we have quickly outgrown our current downtown facility.  30/10 is now officially a franchise and we are getting inquiries daily from interested parties wanting to become connected with an innovative system of weight loss that is based on honesty, integrity and results. Until next time, Dr. Mark Doyle.


Friday, March 14, 2014

#68) Type 2 Diabetes-STOP

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes  and excess body weight is a major risk factor. The reason for the explosion of type 2 diabetes in the USA and actually throughout the world is the widening of waistbands due to prevalence of junk food and our sedentary lifestyle.  Type 2 is caused by a messed up metabolism as a result of high carb diet which results in the body's inability to use insulin properly.  As a result blood sugar levels rise, a toxic cocktail for the body.  Blood pressure rises, cholesterol levels rise, triglycerides (fat in blood) rises, you become insulin resistant, you present with excess abdominal fat (visceral fat), hormones become imbalanced, body physiology is in chaos and you become high risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and a myriad of negative health conditions that put you into a vicious cycle of worsening weight gain and negative health implications.

The most common characteristic presentation we see in clients who present for the 30/10 slim down program is high body fat percent and a high visceral fat rating.  Most are either pre-diabetic or diagnosed type 2.  Very sad and very preventable.  The average client is 70 plus pounds over weight, that is the profile of the average American.  Very dangerous and serious conditions and most people are in denial.  The folks who come in to see us are tired of their status quo and they are ready to make a permanent constructive change in their life.  They have hit that tipping point and they realize it is time to make that decision to change their mind and let go the bad habits that have given them what they "got" that they no longer want.

Often times the person with these 70 plus pounds to lose, is in shock to learn they have gone so far in terms of weight gain.  It is a moment of realization for them, as if they have woken up from a long nap, they look at themselves for the first time and they are in disbelief.  It happens that way, we carry on in our lives, fighting the day to day battles, living our lives and either ignoring or denying the year by year or in many cases decade by decade weight gain and slow compromise in how we feel.  We suddenly realize we have been living our life as in trance, auto-pilot and a sudden conscious awareness and realization of the situation can be a rude awakening.  We knew all along we were doing the wrong things and piling on the weight but it just never really sank in.  Kind of interesting really and we all behave this same way within different aspects of our life-relationships, career, health, fitness, money and overall purpose in life.  We get distracted/stuck  and we lose track, we disconnect so to speak.  The people who come in to see us  have become introspective of their situation/circumstance and they have made a decision and that decision is that they want change.

Slimming down and regaining your health and well being is not that hard, it is akin to changing a channel on your T.V. and  not realizing that it is ok to change that channel and to enjoy a new and improved experience.  Changing habits after you have changed your mind is easy and it is fun and exciting, especially when you have the solutions and direction and positive coaching into the direction of your desired state.   Until next time, Dr. Mark Doyle.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#67) Angry and Upset

A gentleman emailed me the other day, he was angry and upset.  He had read one of my blogs in which I had stated that bread and beer and cookies and candy...  can make a person fat and that eating this crap is a bad habit.  He took strong issue with his belief that he should not be restricted from eating what foods he has always enjoyed,  "you can't just pull the rug out from under a person's life and expect them not to eat sweets, drink a beer and enjoy the good things in life," he strongly replied.

This man had had a consultation with me a week earlier and he got stuck when I told him that to lose the fat (he has 70 pounds in his belly) he had to make a decision to let go the junk and follow my program of slimming down over a short  set period of time.  Men average 5 pounds a week  when they follow the program as prescribed and they do so without struggle and without hunger. But he did not hear me say that, he got stuck on listening when he heard me tell him that he would have to let go the junk that had given him when he "got."

You cannot burn the fat and slim down into your ideal weight by eating carbs, it ain't gonna work, 40 years of practice tells me it just ain't gonna work.  You might lose a little but you will never lose the fat that is negatively impacting your metabolism and your physiology.  Your program of care will require you to let go the bad habits and for a very short period of time, create new habits that are more useful and beneficial for your improved future.  You have to make a decision, that you are tired of your status quo and that you  desire to change your mind and to look into a different direction, into the direction of your desired weight.

You cannot continue doing into the future what you have done in the past and expect to get a different result, it does not work that way.  Not everyone is a candidate for the 30/10 program, you have to desire a dramatic transforming change in your life, not everyone wants that.  Many people wishfully dream of their "transformation" but do not want me to change anything about what they eat or how they behave.  "Slim me down they cry, but do not take away all the junk that has made me fat over the past few decades." 

30/10 makes it easy for you, we incorporate excellent nutritional products  to make the process really easy and hypnosis taped sessions to change/shift how you think and feel about diet, exercise, food and weight loss for life.  Our body composition analysis is state of the art and our coaching and support is the best.  When you achieve your ideal weight we will not abandon you, we want you to come in or call in once every 3 to 4 weeks for accountability weigh-ins, at no charge, for the rest of your life, any potential weight gain will be caught early on and we will coach you on how to lose the weight at home with regular food and then have you call or come back in a week to make sure that gain is gone.

The junk you think you love, does not love you, does not care about you, does not know your name and it does not love you back.  Matter of fact it is not your friend.  When you slim down it does not mean you cannot eat some of that junk within your new eating lifestyle, but you will find you consume with greater wisdom and moderation than ever before possible. You will love how you look and feel, you will age regress a decade, you will become significantly more energetic and find yourself naturally more active then ever before, with a new lease on life.

It is not as difficult as you may be talking yourself into thinking it is, change your perspective and transform your health and your life.  We help you do that and we hold your hand along the way.  Your alternative is what should scare you, another decade and another 20 pounds or more.  All it takes is for you to admit there is a problem and then a willingness to take action and allow change to happen.  It is certainly not difficult, it is exhilarating to drop the weight and to look and feel good again.    Until next time, Dr. Mark Doyle

Friday, February 28, 2014


Sometimes we get "stuck."  That feeling of being trapped, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness as it relates to a specific issue.  Take weight loss for example, you have tried everything and you find yourself losing a few pounds or maybe you lose a lot, only to gain it all back once the program is over.  That trapped stuck feeling is a big problem and it must be erased before you can really lose the weight effectively and keep it off.  The reason you feel trapped and hopeless in  your situation is because you have "proofs."  The proofs that you have are past experiences that did not work for you the way you thought it should.  Now you have a strong belief system to support the proofs, after all, a belief is nothing more than something you feel strongly about and  have proof of.  Clients report to me all the time,  "I have done a bunch of weight loss programs over the years Dr. Doyle and I would lose some weight and then I would just end up gaining all the weight back again.  I have done this so many times that I feel hopeless and helpless about ever making any long term constructive change in slimming down, I have a fear of failure and I dread the thought of engaging another fruitless program, I can't stand the guilt and the shame and the cost of trying and failing again..."

Do you want to speculate how many times I hear this exact story in any given week?  As a hypnotherapist I know why my slim down clients think and feel they way they do.  Weight loss and weight gain can be frustrating as hell for any potential dieter and I can empathize with each and every client that consults with me.  I know what they have been through and I understand the difficulty and the challenges they have experienced.  There is sadness, frustration, anger, guilt and a list of emotions that can sink any boat contemplating a sail into the Bermuda triangle of weight loss.

Weight loss for many people is very emotional.  They do not want to give up the habits and junk that has caused them to put on the weight that they no longer want.  The foods/junk they love the most is what is the problem and there is great fear and apprehension to deal with when any consideration is given to letting that addictive junk go.  "I can't, I love ...., I need it, I cannot do without it, what will my life be like if I do not have it? What will I do with myself , I could starve to death, I would be so
miserable... I love love love it so much, no no no , do not take it away from me...?

It really all boils down to simply admitting to yourself you have a problem that needs fixing and then being willing, ready and able to make a decision, a concrete decision that you are tired of your status quo and you are willing now, to let go the bad habits and the junk that has given you what you got that you no longer want.  A decision that you are eager and committed to simply change your mind and to look into a different direction, into the direction of your desired state at your desired weight.
It is really all about you making a decision, you are at your tipping point and you state with conviction to yourself that you are willing to let go  the past behaviors, habits and addictions and then focus yourself into the direction of where it is you want to go.  Over time, as you slim down and feel so much better you will find the old habits to fade away and new and improved habits will be established that will be more useful and beneficial for your improved future.  Hypnosis is a big help, especially when combined with diet and excellent coaching and accountability.  Hypnosis cannot make you do anything you do not want to do but it can make what it is you want to do, easier and more certain.

It is not hard at all when you arrive at that tipping point, all you need is direction, support and solutions and that is what 30/10 weight loss for life provides for you.  It is not difficult and we make the process of slimming down easy and without struggle.  It is all about your state of mind, what we think and feel rules our world and sometimes it is necessary to simply make a decision to change our mind and improve our life. You can certainly do it, if you really want to.  We make it easy for you, there is no better program available today, if you think there is, let me know.  As a hypnotherapist of many years, I created the DEEP Release Clear Mind Process a decade ago to help facilitate the release of  negatively charged emotions in a matter of minutes.  When the charged emotions are gone, the negative beliefs are replaced with positive expectations and there is no longer the resistance or negative self talk to rock your boat.  The rough waters are calmed and the resistance to you achieving your objective is released. No,  you will not be able to walk on water but you will love the new you as you find yourself age regressed a decade in how you look and feel  Until next time, Dr. Mark Doyle.